We've all heard of the phenomenal hit in mobile gaming Flappy Bird. This game managed to addict millions with its clean design and simple gameplay. The game was made by Vietnamese developer Nguyễn Hà Đông, who created it for Android and iOS.

Flappy Bird was developed for several days, the programmer has used graphic assets from its other game that was abandoned in 2012. Flappy Bird was released officially in 2013, but gained its strongest popularity in early 2014, when the whole world starts talking about Flappy Bird and media dogged for this game.

Gameplay of Flappy Bird is the fact that player controls a small pixel bird that flies and trying to keep from coming pipes. When you hit the pipes the game ends and ofcourse can be started new one. The aim of the game is to make the highest possible score and survive as long as possible.

Unfortunately, the creator of Flappy Bird, decided to remove the game from the internet, for unclear reasons. With time in Google Play and App Store beginning to emerge games like Flappy Bird. One of these games is the newly Angry Fly, which offers its players a similar gameplay, but also a variety of RPG elements to deepen the experience.

Google Play has millions of gamers who still play games like Flappy Bird and it seems they like it. This game made his mark in pop culture and has become a truly global phenomenon.

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